Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updated Information for our trip

Girls please make note of these IMPORTANT updates:
Make sure that all bags and carry ons have a tag with your name and St. Agnes Academy written clearly on the tag. We will not be able to go to our rooms when we arrive in NYC. The hotel will store our bags only if they are clearly labeled. Be sure that you put a tag on anything that will be stored by the hotel. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

When you arrive at the airport you must be dressed and ready to hit the streets running in NYC. You will NOT be able to change clothes or shoes when you arrive. You will not be able to get into your luggage. Do Not wear pajama pants on the plane.

Bring $8.00 in change to the airport with you. We need this money as soon as we arrive in NYC. We will probably take this up at the airport. You must have correct change!

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